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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Needles and Bags!

Send your people into the shop this week, and we would love to help them choose a gift for you! Let's talk about a few ideas.

We chatted a bit last week about the Della Q bags in the shop. They are fun and so useful and not terribly expensive. You need another project bag, I promise.
This cool zipper pouch has a pattern printed right on it. One side has a chart, and the other side has a suggested stitch count and the abbreviations. We can help you (or your people) select some yarn and needles to tuck in there for the perfect little present.
We also have so many lovely needles sets. These interchangables from Knitter's Pride are always popular. The Dreamz are color-coded wooden needles, some of my absolute favorites.
The crazy cool Marblz plastic ones are always extremely popular, too. The colors are really pretty, and they are very smooth for plastic needles.
There are so many great gifts we can suggest for your favorite fiber enthusiast, even if that is you. Send your people in, and we will make sure you get what you need! If all else fails, a gift certificate is always perfect, right?

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