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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brave and Beautiful Friend

Our Close Knit family would like to extend our love to everyone touched by the life of Kara Larson, the inspiring force behind Grasshopper and Tumbleweed Boutique. She inspired so much creativity in our community with her generous heart and thoughtful spirit. Please find a moment to make the world a more lovely place today in her honor.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

So Many Hats

Sally is on a colorblocking roll these days. We have two lovely samples in the shop, knit using the Conversationalist pattern from The Plucky Knitter.

This cute one was made using the Knitted Wit Worsted in a interesting charcoal and lovely light grey, finished with a pop of hot pink.

The yarn is so beautiful knit up. The semi-solids are really deep and subtly tonal. If you are looking for even more pop, check out all these bright colors we have in the KW Worsted. You could create quite a set of hats with some of these.
Not to be outdone, the new JaggerSpun Super Lamb needed to be a hat, too. This one looks a little more nautical to my eye. Love that matte finish and tight ribbing. This yarn is something else.
She has already knit two of these cute hats, and she is threatening to make more. Look out!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Socks on Tiny Needles

The sock knitting has begun. We have some 9" circular needles in small sizes (US0, 1, and 2) to get you over that hump of starting a sock. No DPNs or multiple needles or magic loop to juggle! Just like starting a hat or a sweater or anything. I am very excited to see this sock progress. I think we have all the colors in the shop now.
There is also talk of some crazy combinations for the Rose City Rollers sock pattern. I'm not sure what the final verdict was, but there will be crazy toes with a (maybe?) less crazy body.
Who knows what the crazy knitters will do, but the tiny needles have us starting socks!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Eye Candy

Look at this minty garter stitch. After a bit of head scratching regarding the short row instructions (all my problem, nothing wrong with the pattern), I was off to the races with my Garter Stitch Earflap Hat. I am playing with three sweet shades of the Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme: dark grey, mint, and light grey. We shall see how many hats I can produce with three skeins. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spun Around and Swooning

We are all swooning over this Spun Right Round hand-dyed yarn. The lovely Renee dyes her yarn in Rochester, NY and puts all kinds of love and crazy color inspiration into her work. This gigantic box has since been unpacked and dispersed around the shop, but I love how it looks all together.
We received the sport weight superwash a few weeks back, and Sally used one skein of the Secret Handshake colorway to make this amazing little baby cardigan with the perfect orange buttons.

I am a sucker for fun color names, and this lady has it figured out. Just to name a few: Shock Star, Motion in the Ocean, Newsprint, Dirty Denim, Crybaby, Robots in the Freezer, Almost Kinda Famous. Come on. So enticing.
We have a gorgeous array of little mini-skeins of sock yarn, each with 92 yards of awesome. We also have the big and beautiful 434-yard skeins of sock yarn for those of you looking for the fingering weight.

It's so nice to see fresh and unusual yarns on the big table in the shop. Our first shipment found homes pretty quickly, so stop on by and take home your favorite.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Eye Candy Rainbow

The Noro Rainbow Roll works up nicely in all kinds of patterns. Check out the Purl Soho Big Herringbone Cowl done up in bright Noro style. One cake of Rainbow Roll, 190 stitches, and a US19 needle, and you're almost done.

Friday, May 13, 2016


I love some nice denim yarn. Since the discontinuation of my beloved Rowan Denim, it has been difficult to find a good replacement. I was just wearing my favorite denim sweater last week and thinking about how much I loved that stuff. Berroco to the rescue! We are happy to have a fully-stocked basket of Berroco Indigo for all of your denim knitting needs.
This lovely stuff is made from recycled cotton fibers, and knits up into a fabric very similar to the denims I have loved. We have been carrying the solids for a little while now, but the marled shades are new to us this year. 
The pattern book is pretty great, too. These are all designed by Amy Christoffers. I love her work. Let's have a look.

Indigo knits up into the sort of garment you'll want to wear all summer long. Pop in and have a look!

P.S. Silly side note. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes this British actor from his days as a Rowan Denim People model. Anyone?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Super Lamb

It's been awhile since I've seen JaggerSpun yarns in person, but they have been around for a long time. The mill in Maine was established in the 1880s, and they have been producing high-quality, beautiful yarns ever since. Their website has some great information about the history of the company and brief but sweet factory tour, if you are interested in that sort of thing. You know I am.
We are welcoming Super Lamb, a superwash DK, into the shop this spring. Each of these skeins is 124 yards of squishy merino wool. Sally used three of the periwinkle blue to make the Elyse Cowl from Quince & Co. It's a long and lean cowl that looks great doubled up.
There is something about this yarn that we can't quite describe. It has a heft to it, but it's not exactly heavy. It has a deep color, but it's not too bright. It has a nice matte finish, but it's still vibrant. I don't know what to say. Pop in and have a look will you? Let me know what words you would use to describe it.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Brioche Eye Candy

I know a few of you have been taken in by the lovely Knospee hat in the shop. Worked up with two colors of the AMAZING Lakes Yarn & Fiber Lochsa DK, this one is a winner. If you have never tried the delicious brioche stitch, this sweet hat might be a good place to begin!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Knitting Gifts for Baby

I love this book. This one and All You Knit is Love are probably my top two baby knitting books. Let me show you some of my favorites.
That Leia Bonnet on the cover? It's worked up in Aran weight, so it will be done in a jiffy. So sweet, and the chin strap is perfect for framing some chubby cheeks.
The Jiffy Jacket is knit up with only two skeins of Cascade Eco Cloud, another Aran weight. It is soft and squishy and begging to become a garter stitch baby cardigan. Imagine a little matched hat and sweater set.
Speaking of sets, poncho and mocs, anyone? These are designed using Cascade 220, which is economical and durable. The Little Fishing Vests also use 220. Look at those funny little pockets.
There are several lovely and interesting blankets included the book, including the Air Cell Blanket. The texture of this pattern is really intriguing to me.
The Sailor Tee, the Horseshoe Pullover, and the Cable Cape are all such classic designs.

There are plenty of other great designs in the book (and a few weird ones). Which ones do you like best?

Monday, May 2, 2016