close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Friday, May 13, 2016


I love some nice denim yarn. Since the discontinuation of my beloved Rowan Denim, it has been difficult to find a good replacement. I was just wearing my favorite denim sweater last week and thinking about how much I loved that stuff. Berroco to the rescue! We are happy to have a fully-stocked basket of Berroco Indigo for all of your denim knitting needs.
This lovely stuff is made from recycled cotton fibers, and knits up into a fabric very similar to the denims I have loved. We have been carrying the solids for a little while now, but the marled shades are new to us this year. 
The pattern book is pretty great, too. These are all designed by Amy Christoffers. I love her work. Let's have a look.

Indigo knits up into the sort of garment you'll want to wear all summer long. Pop in and have a look!

P.S. Silly side note. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes this British actor from his days as a Rowan Denim People model. Anyone?



    Rowan ORIGINAL DENIM is back in town!