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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Knitting Gifts for Baby

I love this book. This one and All You Knit is Love are probably my top two baby knitting books. Let me show you some of my favorites.
That Leia Bonnet on the cover? It's worked up in Aran weight, so it will be done in a jiffy. So sweet, and the chin strap is perfect for framing some chubby cheeks.
The Jiffy Jacket is knit up with only two skeins of Cascade Eco Cloud, another Aran weight. It is soft and squishy and begging to become a garter stitch baby cardigan. Imagine a little matched hat and sweater set.
Speaking of sets, poncho and mocs, anyone? These are designed using Cascade 220, which is economical and durable. The Little Fishing Vests also use 220. Look at those funny little pockets.
There are several lovely and interesting blankets included the book, including the Air Cell Blanket. The texture of this pattern is really intriguing to me.
The Sailor Tee, the Horseshoe Pullover, and the Cable Cape are all such classic designs.

There are plenty of other great designs in the book (and a few weird ones). Which ones do you like best?

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