close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summertime Sales

Oh, friends.  We miss seeing your faces in the summertime.  I know the lovely warm weather doesn't seem like the time for knitting, but I beg to differ.  
There are road trips, swim lessons, plane rides, beach days, post-gardening quiet many moments to fill with knitting.
To entice you all to stop by our little corner of fiber heaven, we are starting weekly sales.  Lucky you!
Each week, a new fabulous sale will be announced, and each sale will last Monday morning through Sunday afternoon.  The best part?  It starts next week.  I know.
Starting at 10AM on Monday, June 2, all books, patterns, pamphlets, magazines, and booklets (basically anything made of paper) will be 15% off the regular price until close on Sunday, June 8.
We have some amazing stuff to get you much that I wasn't even sure where to start with the photos.  You'll just have to come in and see for yourself.  I'll be there Monday at 10.  See you then, and stay tuned for the next one!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Interweave

I say this every year.  The summer knitting mags are often a little meh, in my opinion.  It often feels like everyone is just trying way too hard.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to see several lovely designs in the newest Interweave Knits.
It seems like the handknit summer tee is big this year.  Let's see what IK has to offer.  The Kayleen Pullover on the cover sports this lovely sleeve detail, a flattering scoop neckline, and delicate cabling.  It's worked in a light worsted silk blend, and I think Berroco Fuji would be just the thing.
Speaking of Fuji, the Farmstand Tee is designed with the lovely stuff.  It's a boxy, swingy sort of thing with a lacey yoke and fluttery sleeves.  Very pretty.
I know several of you have fallen for the Driftwood Tee.  The diagonal eyelet rows are sure interesting.  I would think about Classic Elite Firefly for this one.
The Hay Bale Tank is beautiful and flowy, too.  I know Sally was considering bringing The Fibre Company Meadow into the shop, but, for now, Shibui Pebble would be amazing for this.
The magazine offers a few non-tee options, as well.  I love this simple swirly Nautilus Hat, knit up with Cascade Heritage Silk.
If lacey hoodies are your thing, here are a few detailed shots of the Ocrecoke Cardigan.  Stunning, no?  Also worked up in sock yarn, this would be a labor of love.
Finally, my favorite.  I immediately fell for this nautical Starboard Sweater and its all-over fisheman's rib and shirt-tail hem.  I think the Rowan Softknit Cotton would be perfect for this.  Or Rowan Denim.  Oh man...that would be amazing.
Did you all find anything in the newest Interweave that inspired your summer knitting?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Closed Memorial Day

Dear Friends,
We will be closed on Monday, May 26th to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.  Please be safe, and have a wonderful day!
Close Knit

Friday, May 23, 2014

Crochet Fever

Several of our gals have been bitten by the crochet bug.  Understandable with these pretty bits of inspiration, don't you think?  They've been working out of Crochet Living from Debbie Bliss.  This book is chock full of modern and classy designs.
The Dashing Doilies are so nice in the contemporary colors, and I am loving the coverlet below.  The white border around each square makes the colors pop so nicely.
I dig the Stripy Wave Show, but I would definitely use the color palette of our doilies.
This sweet flower garland is right at home in a kid's room or the living room.  You could just keep adding flowers as you get them done.
What do you all think of this sweet poncho?  I love the color and the big buttons.
Need some pillow covers?  This book has you covered.
Our ladies have been using a wide variety of the colorful Berroco Weekend DK to create their own fabulous versions.  This one is Ann's.  Good stuff.
Crochet is ideal for home decor, and this book is a great jumping off point.  Come take a look!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snowdrop Shawl

I know you are all loving the crochet samples we have in the shop.  The Snowdrop Shawl might be my favorite so far.
Lisa, who claims to be unable to follow a crochet pattern to save her life (I don't believe her), created this lovely shawl using one skein of Bumblebirch Heartwood sock yarn.  We have a few skeins of beautiful soft pink left, but many lovely sock yarns would work beautifully.  
I just saw that Noro Taiyo Sock has been replumped...that would be interesting for this.  It would really accentuate the scallops like in these pretties.  Come see what we have on the shelves and crochet a new shawl!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Some pretty packages of Freia Ombre Sport arrived this week.
I was trying to resist taking one home (because I'm supposed to leave them for you), but they are all so pretty.  The ombre effect is spectacular.  Theses are the same colorways as shown above, believe it or not.  Most are just inside-out.
We currently have Maple, Lichen, Flare, Tijuana Teal, and Grapevine. 
I was poking around for some good project ideas, and I stumbled upon the awesome Reykholt Hat from Dianna of Paper Tiger.
It's a double-thick beanie, knit all in one piece.  And it's a freebie!  
Dianna has several lovely patterns in her shop.  The Elam hat is definitely in my queue.  Which ones do you like?  Please do take a look.  And then come pick your favorite shade of Ombre Sport and knit your own Reykholt!

Thanks to Dianna for the hat photos!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fruits and Veggies

It's getting to be Farmer's Market Season here in Portland.  Time to knit your fruits and veggies!
Beet by Norah Gaughan
We have a nice stock of cotton yarns that would be just right for these kinds of things.  Ann used Tahki Cotton Classic for these two, but Plymouth Cleo DK, Cascade Ultra Pima, and Classic Elite Sprout and Seedling would be great, too.
Melonaid by Heidi Kirrmaier
There are currently nineteen pages of free food toy patterns on Ravelry for knitters and crocheters.  Wouldn't these be ideal summer projects?  Quick little things with cotton yarn...just right for the warmer months.  And I know my kids would love a whole garden of veggies for playing.  Realistically, I would need to make at least two of everything.  I had better find some green yarn and get knitting.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Berroco Maya

Although today's sprinkles might make us feel otherwise, it seems like summer should be here soon.  So, next up on our summer yarn tour...Berroco Maya.
Maya is mostly cotton, with a little bit of alpaca to add a nice halo.  Berroco even suggests machine washing it, so that's nice.  The chained construction really adds some nice bounce to the yarn and an interesting texture to the knit fabric.
I have really been enjoying the spring colorways from Berroco this year.  They are very sophisticated, but still fresh and fun.  Every time I take these photos, I think of tulips and Easter eggs, so I suppose they have done something right!
Maya is another worsted weight summer yarn, so it will work up pretty quickly, just in time for summer layering.  Shall we chat about some fun patterns?  Let's.
We have a sample of Paloverde in the shop, which really looks best on a human.  I like the relaxed styling in the booklet.
Do you all like Biscuitroot?  I think it looks pretty easy to knit and great to wear.  Long and dramatic over a summer dress or jeans and a tank.  The latter being more likely in my daily life, honestly.
Dyssodia is pretty fabulous, and I love that pink color.  The drop stitches would make this sweater fly off the needles, I think.  This would be good summer knitting, and perfect for throwing on over a little summer frock.
Chock is on the cover of Norah Volume 14.  Pretty triangular shawl...what's not to love?
Mallow has the drama of a long cardigan and the fun lacey bits on the back.  Something for everyone!
Writing these posts about cotton yarns always helps get me in the mood for summer knitting.  If only the Portland skies would cooperate!  I suppose it's time to cast on and start hoping this rain clears up soon.

All modeled shots courtesy of Berroco's wesbite.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Let's talk about summer yarns.  My friend Gale wants to make a Worsted Boxy for summer, and she got me thinking about some nice worsted-weight choices for summer in Portland.  I was happy to see many nice options around the shop.  Let's start with Berroco Fuji.
Fuji is a silk/cotton/rayon blend with a little nylon to hold it all together.  The crunch of the silk really comes through, giving the yarn an almost tweedy texture.  There is a subtle shine under the texture, too.  It's a really interesting yarn.

We have the lovely Tarim cardigan at the shop.  I think it looks more impressive on a human, so here's the modeled shot from the pattern book.
Pretty, right?  It is nice to see Fuji knit up in person, though.  The stitches have some lovely, crisp definition, especially in the twisted rib.  The texture is great, too.  You should stop by and check it out.

Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
I also really like the Takla pullover from the pattern book (above), and the newest Norah Gaughan (Volume 14) collection has several lovelies in Fuji.  Camber looks like such a classic piece.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Shim is classic Norah, too...swingy shaping, leafy cables, a little lacey detail.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Lisbon is a free crochet pattern from Berroco in Fuji.  I really like the scalloped lace look.  So pretty.  And crochet!  Yes!
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
There were a few Fuji designs in Norah Gaughan Volume 12, too, which I think we still have in the shop.  What do you think of Tracery?  I love some reverse stockinette stitch and lace.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Gewgaw is basically three rectangles, but it sure is pretty.  It's somewhere between a poncho and a sweater.  Do you like it?
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
So, Gale, Fuji might be just the thing for your Worsted Boxy.  Or any of these other fabulous pieces!  Stay tuned for more ideas...