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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Berroco Maya

Although today's sprinkles might make us feel otherwise, it seems like summer should be here soon.  So, next up on our summer yarn tour...Berroco Maya.
Maya is mostly cotton, with a little bit of alpaca to add a nice halo.  Berroco even suggests machine washing it, so that's nice.  The chained construction really adds some nice bounce to the yarn and an interesting texture to the knit fabric.
I have really been enjoying the spring colorways from Berroco this year.  They are very sophisticated, but still fresh and fun.  Every time I take these photos, I think of tulips and Easter eggs, so I suppose they have done something right!
Maya is another worsted weight summer yarn, so it will work up pretty quickly, just in time for summer layering.  Shall we chat about some fun patterns?  Let's.
We have a sample of Paloverde in the shop, which really looks best on a human.  I like the relaxed styling in the booklet.
Do you all like Biscuitroot?  I think it looks pretty easy to knit and great to wear.  Long and dramatic over a summer dress or jeans and a tank.  The latter being more likely in my daily life, honestly.
Dyssodia is pretty fabulous, and I love that pink color.  The drop stitches would make this sweater fly off the needles, I think.  This would be good summer knitting, and perfect for throwing on over a little summer frock.
Chock is on the cover of Norah Volume 14.  Pretty triangular shawl...what's not to love?
Mallow has the drama of a long cardigan and the fun lacey bits on the back.  Something for everyone!
Writing these posts about cotton yarns always helps get me in the mood for summer knitting.  If only the Portland skies would cooperate!  I suppose it's time to cast on and start hoping this rain clears up soon.

All modeled shots courtesy of Berroco's wesbite.

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