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Friday, May 23, 2014

Crochet Fever

Several of our gals have been bitten by the crochet bug.  Understandable with these pretty bits of inspiration, don't you think?  They've been working out of Crochet Living from Debbie Bliss.  This book is chock full of modern and classy designs.
The Dashing Doilies are so nice in the contemporary colors, and I am loving the coverlet below.  The white border around each square makes the colors pop so nicely.
I dig the Stripy Wave Show, but I would definitely use the color palette of our doilies.
This sweet flower garland is right at home in a kid's room or the living room.  You could just keep adding flowers as you get them done.
What do you all think of this sweet poncho?  I love the color and the big buttons.
Need some pillow covers?  This book has you covered.
Our ladies have been using a wide variety of the colorful Berroco Weekend DK to create their own fabulous versions.  This one is Ann's.  Good stuff.
Crochet is ideal for home decor, and this book is a great jumping off point.  Come take a look!

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