close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Let's talk about summer yarns.  My friend Gale wants to make a Worsted Boxy for summer, and she got me thinking about some nice worsted-weight choices for summer in Portland.  I was happy to see many nice options around the shop.  Let's start with Berroco Fuji.
Fuji is a silk/cotton/rayon blend with a little nylon to hold it all together.  The crunch of the silk really comes through, giving the yarn an almost tweedy texture.  There is a subtle shine under the texture, too.  It's a really interesting yarn.

We have the lovely Tarim cardigan at the shop.  I think it looks more impressive on a human, so here's the modeled shot from the pattern book.
Pretty, right?  It is nice to see Fuji knit up in person, though.  The stitches have some lovely, crisp definition, especially in the twisted rib.  The texture is great, too.  You should stop by and check it out.

Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
I also really like the Takla pullover from the pattern book (above), and the newest Norah Gaughan (Volume 14) collection has several lovelies in Fuji.  Camber looks like such a classic piece.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Shim is classic Norah, too...swingy shaping, leafy cables, a little lacey detail.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Lisbon is a free crochet pattern from Berroco in Fuji.  I really like the scalloped lace look.  So pretty.  And crochet!  Yes!
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
There were a few Fuji designs in Norah Gaughan Volume 12, too, which I think we still have in the shop.  What do you think of Tracery?  I love some reverse stockinette stitch and lace.
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
Gewgaw is basically three rectangles, but it sure is pretty.  It's somewhere between a poncho and a sweater.  Do you like it?
Photo borrowed from Berroco website.
So, Gale, Fuji might be just the thing for your Worsted Boxy.  Or any of these other fabulous pieces!  Stay tuned for more ideas...