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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

1966 Blanket

It's a frosty morning here in Portland! And it looks like we might see even more snow in the next ten days. Let's knit a giant, warm blanket, shall we?
The 1966 Blanket is about as easy as it gets. You need some super bulky yarn (think two stitches per inch), a US19 24" circular needle, and 66 stitches.
I used five complimentary shades of yarn for an ombre effect. I knit every row, spit splicing the ends together to avoid the bulky weaving bits. My blanket ended up being about 40" wide and 54" long using the Borgo de' Pazzi Naturalia. You could easily made it wider or longer. Or both.
This is the warmest and coziest blanket I've ever experienced. It has such a nice weight to it, perfect for wrapping up on the couch or throwing over the bed covers for an extra woolly weight on these chilly nights.
You could use almost any super bulky for this. Cascade Magnum would be amazing. A friend is using Berroco Macro, and it's turning out just right.
This is some quick gratification. You could easily have this done by the weekend if you cast on tonight. The best part is that it will even keep you warm while you're knitting. Pop in the shop today, and you will be so toasty warm when (if) the snows hit!

1966 Blanket

by Leah Bandstra
Yarn: 5 skeins Naturalia (colors 0, 2, 3, 4, and 8)
Needles: US19 24" circular


CO 66 stitches.  
Knit every row, spit splicing the ends together.
Cast off with about 3 yards of yarn left.

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