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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stout Day

I walked into the shop yesterday, and there was Stout all over the place! Sally was winding some, Emily was winding some, and it was knitted up into something lovely in the bag of a Close Knit shopper.

Once I noticed the new colorways, and knew I needed to handle some Stout, too. This stuff is rustic, folks. It has little bits of vegetative matter hiding in there, and it smells sheepy. This bulky yarn has a marled, handspun look. These two skeins of blue are from the same colorway, so you can tell that there will be some interesting variation in each skein.
I am having visions of a nice, dense vest or maybe even a cozy blanket. You could just cast on and knit, leaving the yarn to do the work of shifting colors as you work. A few Ravelers have made some epic Boneyard Shawls, including this amazing one with so much fringe!

We have a few other shades in the shop, including red, gold, and a few neutrals. I am sorely temepted by all of them.

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