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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yarn Pop Bags

We have some really great knitting bags from Yarn Pop.  (Please excuse the lighting in these pictures.  It's December in Oregon, and there is only so much I can do with my little camera.)
These little guys, the Small Yarn Pops, have a nice zippered inner pocket and holes for your yarn (or headphones)!  These are the perfect size for the little projects like socks, hats, and gloves.  I think they'd be especially useful for travel, when you really need to keep everything contained.  

For those of you wondering, you pull the yarn through the hole when you start your project and knit away, keeping your ball in the bag (and not rolling down the aisle or under the car seat).  When you need to tuck your project away, just put it in the bag!  There is a thoughtfully-placed little gap at the end of the zipper to keep your yarn from getting snagged.  Great ideas, right?
The larger ones, the Totables, have more pockets!  And more holes!  And a nice handle.  (Ahhh...there's a little natural light.)  These bags are really well-made with big zippers, a full lining, and high-quality materials.  The little guys are only $20, and the big ones are $58.  We originally brought these in for the holiday shoppers, but I think they're nice enough to keep in stock on a regular basis, don't you?

If you are using plastic bags to store your projects (I know you're out there), please send your loved ones down to the shop and we'll help them pick out a nice one for you.

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