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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Crochet

Dear Crocheters,

I know we don't post many crochet ideas here, but it's not because we don't care.  It's because my crochet skills are atrocious, and I am sort of embarrassed.  But, when I saw these sweet little Snowflower Ornaments pop up on The Purl Bee, even I could tell they were good.
Photo from The Purl Bee
They suggest Blue Sky Metalico (which we have) for the background with little spots of color.  I might suggest the insanely beautiful Elemental Effects for the centers.  What about Kauni or Liberty Wool Light?  You would get so many colors from just one ball.  Just a few skeins of Metalico in different colors would be great, too.  I'd love to see a collection of these in natural earthtones.

Honestly though, my first reaction was Tahki Cotton Classic.  We have quite a bit of the pearly white and shimmery silver for the background and plenty of brights for the pops of color.  The Cotton Classic is a mercerized cotton, so it's shiny, too.  And machine washable, if that might become an issue at your house.
Photo from The Purl Bee
So, my dear crocheters, I hope these little ornaments speak to you, too.  I think they would be a lovely addition to any wintery decor.

If your crochet skills are on par with mine, perhaps you might consider Ann's Learn to Crochet Workshop next week.  I am certain she will have you cranking out wee snowflowers in just one class.


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