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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abode...Like the Dwelling

I cannot stop calling this Adobe.  But that is not its name.  This is Abode, a lovely new yarn from Berroco.
It is a thick-and-thin single ply with a very unusual watercolory effect.  It almost looks like the surface of the wool has been painted, but the color has not penetrated into the core.  It's really cool to see in person, and the knitted fabric has a mottled, natural look.

We have a little sample vest from the pattern book in the shop.  This is Morinda in the golden colorway.
I wish they had sent a sample of Boxelder, though.  I would have been fighting to get my hands on that one.  Doesn't that look amazing?
I really like the cabled capelet, too.  
I made a capelet for myself a few years ago, and I was surprised at how much use I got out of it.  This looks like it would be so warm under the rain coat on the really nasty days, or as a top layer when the sun joins us.

Our shelves are chock full of Ultra Alpca, Flicker, and Vintage, too.  We love the big boxes from Berroco!

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