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Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Annual Blanket

We love being able to offer classes in our little shop. Classes offer us a way to help you all expand your skills, but it also reinforces the inclusive community that we have fostered over the years. One class that keeps bringing people back for more is Adrienne's Annual Blanket class.
For the last several years, the class has helped knitters of all skill levels complete a handknit blanket over the course of a year. We have adapted the class to make it easier to afford in installments, we have added multiple evenings a week, and we have offered advanced classes for folks who want to level up.
This year's 2020 Blanket class offers all of the good stuff! Adrienne is offering the class Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 PM, and you can sign up for 3 months at a time for added flexibility.
In addition to all of that, you will be able to choose from a variety of squares each month, depending on the technical level you'd like to try. Having a crazy month and need a mindless square? Choose an easier one! Want to challenge yourself one month? Choose the more difficult square like the cool designs below!
These blankets are really heirloom quality items. Adrienne will help you seam your finished squares to create a cozy blanket to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. I think we are on our fifth year for this wonderful class. It's the perfect time to join the blanket class community at Close Knit! Give us a call or stop in to sign up for the first session beginning in January.

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