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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Rafa's Hat and Targhee Worsted

Sometimes a pattern and a yarn are just meant to be together, and this combination seems to be one of those times. The free Rafa's Hat pattern (thank you, Joji) and the soft and supple Targhee Worsted from Knitted Wit are a match made in knitting heaven.
The design is all about ribbing, but with a little interest so you don't get bored. The all-over rib also means that it will fit a range of head sizes, so it's great for gifts if that's a thing you do.
This yarn is truly soft and bouncy, but it's also hefty enough that it will stand up to some long-term use. We have a range of beautiful semi-solids, as well as some lovely variegated shades. It's definitely hat season for me, and it might even be gift knitting season. I hope this prefect combination inspires you to cast on!

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