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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pima Rino

We have a great new yarn with a fun name from Plymouth Yarns!
Pima Rino is a blend of 70% pima cotton and 30% merino wool, which I think are two of the loveliest and softest fibers you can find. So, you can't really go wrong here.
This would be great for baby and kid sweaters and hats. I think it would make an amazing and weighty blanket if that's your thing. But mostly, I'm dreaming of thick cotton sweaters for me. Maybe a fisherman's rib or shaker rib cardigan in the stone or navy blue. Something modern like Flaum, maybe?
Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.
Or perhaps a thick textured cabled sweater to wear all year-round. I'm envisioning that one in white. Heidi Kirrmaier's Catch of the Day sweater seems like the right thing here.
Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.
I always wish I had a nice cozy cotton sweater for our chilly evenings, and I think this yarn could be the perfect place to start.

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