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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


This new yarn is so unexpectedly soft and fluffy, I think I actually gasped a little when I picked it up. 
Cumulus from Juniper Moon Farm is a cotton yarn with a tiny bit of nylon, and it feels like squishy marshmallows. I expected this to feel snaggy and nylony based on my past experiences with yarns that look like this, but I clearly need to let go of by biases about this kind of yarn. This stuff is amazing!
We have a sample of the Rif Mountains Stole in the shop, so we can all truly appreciate how well this yarn knits up. We have hard copies of this pattern and the Riad Blanket.
I love the springy colors and the variegated shades that we have in the shop now. If you need to knit for a baby any time soon, pop in and take a look at this beautiful Cumulus!

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