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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Not My Norm

Normally, these unusual novelty yarns don't really tempt me. But the ticking stripes on the Katia Big Ribbon caught my eye and got me thinking about the possibilities for this yarn. We have a few great crochet patterns for large baskets and bags, but I wanted to see how it knit up. 
Enter the Tolt Folded Bag. I chose the blue denim color, leaving the ticking stripe for you all.
Believe it or not, this bag is knit up as a rectangle. Then there's some fancy folding, a little handle, and you have a bag! The Tolt Yarn tutorial calls for a cast on of 30, but I used 25 stitches on a US15 and achieved just the right proportions with enough left for the handle using just two balls.
The knitted fabric has such a cool heft and texture. While this is totally outside my normal realm of rustic, tweedy wool, I am dreaming of what else I could make with this cool yarn. I'm thinking bathroom rug...

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