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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fibre Company Meadow and an Invitation to Knit-A-Long

I feel a little late to the party. I am usually pretty up to date on the popular new yarns and patterns, but Meadow from The Fibre Company snuck up on me. I went to have a look at the Ravelry projects using Meadow, and I found well over a thousand. Why didn't any of you tell me about this gorgeous yarn? Maybe because we have just started carrying it.
The Fibre Company is known for the unusual combinations of fibers in their yarns, and Meadow is no exception. Meadow is a merino/llama/silk/linen laceweight, with almost 500 yards in each skein. The yarn is soft and lofty, and the colors are really interesting.

Grace Anna Farrow, a very popular shawl and wrap designer, has used Meadow to create some stunning designs. We are carrying Twinleaf, Roseum, Ursa, and Cepa.
I have not had a chance to knit with Meadow yet, but I am eager to try. There are rumblings of a little summer knit-a-long using this lovely yarn. I'm not usually a joiner, but I think I will jump on the bandwagon this time. We are thinking a nice, airy, floaty shawl or wrap...just the thing for the chilly Oregon summer evenings. Think about it, and I'll let you know which pattern Adrienne decides to use. Looking forward to it!

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