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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Adorable Baby Jacket

I finished the tiny baby jacket! This is Gry's Hoodie from All You Knit is Love. Oh my. It is tiny and sweet and squishy. Garter stitch and baby sweaters are the perfect combination. I just want to squeeze them both.
I used one skein of Dream in Color Jilly, all but about five yards for the smallest size. The single ply yarn is so nice for a lightweight fabric, just the thing for a baby layer. We are nearing the end of our supply of Jilly right now, but the Knitted Wit Single Fingering would be perfecto...very similar yarns.
The sweater was a pretty easy knit. It's knit cuff-to-cuff, with some increases and decreases on the sleeves. The hood is picked up and joined with a three needle bind off. The only seams are up the sides and down the sleeves. Easy peasy.
The pattern originally calls for Isager Spinni and Alpaca 1, both of which we now stock. I'm considering a few more of these sweaters for all the babies being born around me lately. I love the idea of holding two yarns together to create an unique fabric and color. These would not create a machine-washable sweater, though. But babies are hand-wash only, too, so I suppose that might be okay.

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