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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bucheron Mitts

We have been enjoying our collection of Harrisville Watershed and Flywheel. Have you all had a chance to try it out? Ann whipped up a pair of Mary Jane Mucklestone's Bucheron Mitts using Watershed. This yarn is so great for colorwork like this. The yarn is nice and toothy, so it sticks to itself well and makes the patterning a breeze. The heathery flecks in each shade add a lot of depth to the colors, too.
Ann reports that three skeins of Watershed will make two pairs of gloves. What a lovely gift idea, don't you think? And great summer knitting, too...small project, interesting techniques, fabulous yarn. Perfect.

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  1. Visiting my sister's family in Portland this week, and I finally get to see your shop in person. :)