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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summertime Sale: More Cotton Goodies

Between our Debbie Bliss event and the fall orders that Sally is placing, we need to make some room.  Our little shop cannot contain all of the good stuff coming in, and Jenni (our mistress of space management) is out on maternity leave.  Time for more sales, friends.
Since we are still very much in the middle of summer, we are offering a discount on some select cotton yarns again this week.  Starting July 28, we are offering 15% off Tahki Cotton Classic, Cascade Ultra Pima and Ultra Pima Fine, and Plymouth Cleo DK.
We have recently plumped up our selection of Cotton Classic with some lovely fresh colors.  This yarn is truly a classic choice for cottons.  Textured stitches really pop with this yarn, and the finished fabric has such a nice shine and soft finish.
Just two skeins of Cotton Classic and some basic crochet skills will get you a Grocery Tote, free on Purl Bee.

Cascade always does a nice job, and their Ultra Pimas are no exception.  I used the Fine weight for my green Bristol.  I am so impressed with the richness of the colors of these yarns.  We have a sample of Elisa's Nest Tote in the shop...just one skein of Ultra Pima.
Plymouth Cleo DK is another lovely cotton selection.  Nice colors, soft texture, good stuff.  I am searching for a reason to pair that bright orange with the greys.
It's time to get your hands on some cotton yarns and help us make some space!  (Next week...Loopy Mango.)

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