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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Basic Scarf and Unicorn Tails

Sorry to be away so long.  I have been doing my civic duty at the courthouse, sitting on a jury this week.  The case has been interesting, but there is a lot of sitting and waiting.  And, in true Portland style, my jury summons specifically informed me that I can bring fixed circular knitting needles.  I am cranking away on a nice basic scarf using the Churchmouse Pressed Rib Scarf pattern.  I am using about 600 yards of some llama/silk stuff that we carried years ago.
This pattern is such a great basic in any yarn.  Remember Sally's yellow and marled one in Cascade 220?  Love it.  This yarn and pattern are playing so nicely together, and the knit ribbed fabric is squishy and soft and awesome.  I cannot tell you the last time I knit a scarf for myself...the basics are often the best, aren't they?
On a completely separate note, we have TOSH.  Not a ton, but enough to get everyone riled up.  I can't promise that all of this Tosh Merino Light is still at the shop this week (jury duty), but I'm sure there is still plenty.  In addition to this stunning yarn, we have Unicorn Tails.  Yup.  Unicorn Tails.
Unicorn Tails are 52 yards of Tosh Merino Light skeined up for your colorworking pleasure.  We have a huge range of colors in these mini-skeins.
I can imagine these being the perfect thing for a shawl edging or some fancy mittens or an accent color on a cap. Or just collecting and displaying as art.  That's normal, right? 
Those neons up there are calling my name.  And the earth tones, and the warm pinks.  If this trial goes on too long, I'll be treating myself to some Tosh to keep me going.

Don't forget!  Debbie Bliss is coming to our little shop on Monday!  If you want to meet her and hang out and get inspired and see her new stuff, call us at the shop or stop by to pay your $5 and sign up!

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