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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Already Done

Do you ever cast on for a project and then it's suddenly finished?  It almost never happens for me, but this little Angular Cap project seemed to do just that.
I didn't expect it to be finished so quickly.  I mean, sock yarn and US2 needles?  But as soon as I had cast on my 120 stitches, it seemed like I was decreasing and binding off.  This hat was meant for a seven-year-old, but it fits me just fine.  When I make another for me (and there will be at least a couple for me), I'll work a little longer before I do the decreases. 

I used two circular needles for the decrease section rather than my old stand-by double-pointed needles.  The flatness of the hat just seemed to call for them, but any method would work.
I used a three needle bind off to close up the top of the hat, since I always get stalled out on grafting.

When I told you about the Plymouth Neon Now yarn back in February, I grabbed a ball of the blue/green colorway that I knew my girl would love.  I can never seem to keep track of her on the playground, so hopefully this bright hat will do the trick.  She is quite pleased, and now the other girls want one, too.  Good thing these little caps practically knit themselves!

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