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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The Rose City Yarn Crawl is just a few weeks away, friends.  There is so much going on with this event...I'm having a hard time keeping up.  One of the most popular aspects (and my favorite) is the collection of free shop patterns.
Photo borrowed from RCYC Ravelry store.
Sally came through with the St. John's Slouch last year, rumored to be one of the best hats ever.*  This year, it's the Cowlberta knit up in squishy garter stitch and Spud & Chloe Outer.  Yum.
Photo borrowed from RCYC Ravelry store.
Each shop will have a neighborhood-inspired pattern available for free with a purchase.  After the crawl, all of the shop patterns are available for purchase as an eBook through Ravelry.  Go take a look and see all the great stuff our local shop owners and designers have for you!

The crawl starts on Thursday, February 27 and ends Sunday, March 2.  All of the shops are open from 10AM until 6PM every day of the crawl.  We have been filling the shelves with beautiful yarns, so you all will have plenty to choose from.  Get ready!

*Purely a matter of opinion, but it's a good opinion.

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