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Monday, February 24, 2014

Chevron Blankey

We've been carrying Fancy Tiger Crafts Heirloom Romney for a bit now, and a few of us have fallen in love.  Our girl Lisa has been cranking out the accessories, and I am looking forward to casting on for my Kilgore Mitts in the pretty pretty Poppyseed colorway.  (Sometimes it's the names that get me.  Does that happen to you?)  

Well, they just sent us a fresh batch of patterns and a few lovely samples to show off their good stuff.
Can you say blanket?  Wow.  This is so ample and lovely.  I want one.  
It's the Heirloom Chevron Throw, and it's a free pattern.  It does call for two skeins of five colors, but it's a large blankey.  You could make a smaller size with just one skein of each color, and I bet it would still be great.  And you only need one color at a time, so you can just choose colors as you go if that makes you happy.

I like that it's knit a little loosely on a US10...if it were knit too tight, it would be impossibly warm and dense.  As it is, the fabric is cushy and cozy and drapey.  See how it hangs so nicely?
We also have samples of My Favorite Sweater, Howelsen Hill, and maybe the Radish Hat.  I can't recall.  I was so distracted by this gorgeous blanket.

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