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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wake Me Up Tea Cozy

Our dear Melissa worked up this wee tea cozy pattern right before the holidaze, and it totally got lost in my scramble.  Fortunately, it would be a lovey gift any time of year, for yourself or your favorite tea drinker.
The little tea pots are available at Townshend's Tea, just down the street from us on Alberta.  Each one uses just one ball of Classic Elite Liberty Wool, so the personality of each cozy will be unique!  Thanks, Melissa!

Warm Me Up Tea Cozy
by Melissa Tyler
Knitting side to side really punches up the impact of this self-striping yarn - making an adorable and vibrant cozy to keep your morning tea warm. 
Yarn: 1 skein Classic Elite Liberty Wool
Needles: US7
Gauge: 20 stitches over 4"

CO 29 Sts.  If you leave a nice long end, you can use it to seam the opening for the handle.
Slip first stitch, k to end.
Repeat for 57 rows or 6”.
Create Spout Opening: Sl1, k8, cast off 9, k11 to end.  (The longer side will be at the top of the spout opening.)
Next row: Sl1, k10, CO9 (I like the cable cast on for a neat edge), k to end.
Sl 1, k to end.
Repeat for 57 rows/until total length is 12”. Cast off.
Finishing: Weave in ends.  Seam the cast on and cast off edges together, leaving an opening for the handle.  Pinch together the top to create four equal crown points and use blanket stitch to close.  Brew a little pot of tea, cover in cozy, and settle in with your knitting!

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