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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Cashmerino 5

We see these Baby Cashmerino books every year or so, maybe.  I am not normally moved by any of them, but Baby Cashmerino 5 was particularly adorable.  Mostly it was the Gingham Bear on the cover that caught my eye.  And, yes, there is a pattern for that in the book.  The baby is wearing the Simple Crossover Top, which would be such a nice basic.
This Garter Stitch A Line Jacket looks so wearable over the inevitable layers of the Oregon winter.  And who doesn't like garter stitch on kiddos?  There's a sweet little contrast edging at the neck, cuffs, and sleeves.  A nice chance to play with some easy colorful touches.
The Artist's Smock has an unusual neckline and some soon-to-be-filled up pockets.
I like the simplicity of the Single Stripe Sweater.  And that Gingham Bear again.
Looks like an interesting construction on the Trellis Stitch Jacket.  The cropped style is so sweet, and the cables look like they would be fun to knit.
The Square Neck Top is the one that really got me.  Debbie Bliss has published similar designs in a few previous magazines, but something about the color-blocking and the swingy shape of this one really appealed to me.  And that face.
The Gingham Jacket is a classic, and would be great for a little girl or boy.  Imagine all the fun color combos.
Debbie Bliss always seems to include a nice basic raglan, like the Two Color Raglan Sweater.  Adorable.
There is a Rosebud Bear, obviously, and a Rosebud Crossover Top.
The shelves are fully stocked with Baby Cashmerino, and I've found the Cascade 220 Superwash Sport to be a pretty nice substitute, as well.  It's a little thicker, so the sweaters will come out a bit bigger.  Good thing babies grow so fast!


  1. Those look SO beautiful! I just bought some lovely yarn for a new little girl i know, but didn't really know what to make with it…perhaps the answer is in there!