close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, now.  It's cloudy and drippy out there in Portland.  Let's talk about knitting, shall we?
I am always thrilled to see the newest issue of knit.wear.  Interweave has really hit on something with this magazine.
The simple, yet stunning Textured Shawl has such a lovely drape and flow, thanks to the use of a silk and wool blend.  I would happily suggest our Scrumptious Lace for this, and just one skein will do the trick.  Think of the meditative knitting...
The cozy and stylish Drawstring Pullover would be less meditative, but oh-so-wearable.  It's knit up in complementary colors of Shibui Silk Cloud and Staccato.  We have all been loving the Shibui yarns, and you will, too.  The Silk Cloud adds just the right amount of halo and not a lot of fuzz.  Trust me, I am not a fan of fuzz, and I love this combo.
I am a fan of reverse stockinette, and the Eyelet Raglan has it.  The heathered colors of Blue Sky Alpacas Melange really pop in this stitch.  Another highly wearable piece.
Check out the interesting details on the Tucked PulloverElsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is perhaps one of the best sweater yarns for the money.  It knits up into a warm but light layering weight, and the finished knits look so professional.
The Envelope Hat starts out as a scarf.  Seriously.  This one was knit with Scrumptious 4 Ply for a lovely drape.  I'm hoping we will have a fresh stock of this lovely stuff soon, too.  This looks like too much fun.
The Asymmetrical Collar Jacket shows off how beautifully Harrisville Highland does cables.  The lime green is a bit much for me, but imagine it in a rich navy blue or deep red.  Lots of potential here.
Okay, the neckline of the Askew Vest doesn't do much for me, but the hemline and the slanting cable?  Much better.  I have seen this hem style a few places, but I can't decide it I like it.  Do you all have an opinion?
Speaking of cables, I love the garter plus cable combo of the Swaying Cables Scarf.  Such a basic design plan, but with some variation to the cable.  This would be squishy, warm, and amazing in Eco Cloud.
The next section is called Cocoon, and the Twelve Cables Pullover fits right in.  This one is knit with Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica.  I know many of you just got itchy thinking about that, but how about in Maxima instead?  So soft.  And the textured stitch pattern slows down the pilling that you might be worried about.  There is an interesting article on that phenomenon in the magazine, too, if you like to get your fiber geek on.
The Pocket Hem Pullover has pockets.  In the hem.  I love pockets.  Another nice reverse stockinette basic.
I like the idea of the Kite Cardigan, too.  This would be great to throw on over a dress for some extra drama, don't you think?
There is great article on color blocking and how to make it work for you.  The Shaped Intarsia Tunic is not something that I would normally consider for myself, but the color choices here have got me thinking.
The Dressmaker Jacket is worked up in Malabrigo Rios, which we have in several lovely shades.  The contrasting bands have a nice elongating effect, and the twisted stockinette stitch adds a great texture.  Machine washable in Rios, too.
I would love to try the High Collar Wrap Cardigan in our new Blue Faced Leicester DK.  What a classic.  Check out the back detail.
Cables, Majestic Tweed, and some well-placed buttons make the Cabled Bands Pullover interesting.  This yarn is soft, my friends, and this sweater would be cozy.
Talk about cozy.  And dramatic!  I think you could wear the Turtleneck Jacket over your jammies, and you would still look pulled together.  I am in love with this one.
Which one are you going to make?  Which one should I make?  Winter is coming, my friends.  Let's knit!


  1. Lovely knits. However, I'm most interested in the hat.


  2. Thank you so much for showing these photos. You might see me later today.