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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Softknit Cotton

Continuing on with the cotton yarns, say hello to Rowan Softknit Cotton.
Sally has been working with this yarn, and I think she's in love.  The swatches at the shop are sure to draw you in, too.  Look at those even stitches.
This is a nice substitute for the Rowan Handknit Cotton, so the pattern support is pretty deep.  Take a look at the books, Softknit Collection and Simple Shapes Handknit Cotton.
Here are the ones I like the best from Simple Shapes.  There are eight designs in the collection, and they all have a classic, clean look.  Hazel looks like the most comfortable thing ever.  Like a sweatshirt, but way classier.
How about Myrtle, basically the cardigan version?  Pretty simple knitting, totally wearable piece.
I also really like Cherry.  I can see this being really useful in our who-knows-what-to-expect climate.
The Softknit Collection is a little more unusual and fashion-forward, for better or worse.  There are many cozy cables, interesting details, and classic silhouettes.  Of course, I am drawn to the basics.  Sally and I both really liked Reagan.
Cassidy is great, too.  Love that high neckline and the fitted shape.
There are a few men's sweaters, too, like the classic Kenmare.
This is another of the chained yarns that have become popular in the last few years.  The chained construction adds so much bounce and sproing to the yarn itself and the finished fabric.  If knitting with cotton often bothers your hands, give this one a try.
We all know that the Portland weather throws us curve balls all summer long.  Let's get those cotton layers ready, shall we?

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