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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sock Yarns and New Classes

The sock wall is nice and plump right now with old friends and new favorites.
We restocked the Vincent Van Gogh self-patterning yarn from Opal.  A few of my friends have been cranking out socks with this yarn.  I've had a few requests from the family for fancy socks, so I might have to jump on the band wagon and cast on, too.  Opal yarns are high-quality, soft, and durable...perfect for gifts.
Opal also sent us the patterns for the adorable Opal Sock Yarn Bunny, designed by Susan B. Anderson.  I love the way the self-patterning adds to the character on that sweet little face.  And the floppy ears are killing me.
The Cascade Heritage and Heritage Paints are back, too, with some of the best colors.  This yarn wears like iron, too, and the Cascade color range never disappoints.

I am quite excited about this self-striping sock yarn, Mini Raggi from Jarbo.  The colors are weird and awesome, and the stripes are pretty regular.
You can get a better feel for the self-striping pattern from the poster.  We have the three striped yarns on the left.
We also have the pretty blue shade, and we're waiting on the cool black/purple/green one on the far right.
At only $12.75 per skein, this is a great one to stash for gifts and selfish knitting, which is exactly what I will be doing.

I have always been a double-pointed-needle lover, but the joy of the magic loop technique has recently been revealed to me.  I might even jump in with both feet (ha!) and try two-at-a-time.  We'll be offering a class on this magical method in November.
We are also offering a class on Calley's Urchin Pillow at the end of October.  You'll need the most basic crochet skills to participate in the class, and we have a Learn to Crochet workshop in mid-October to get you all set up.

We also have a Fix Your Mistakes class coming up in a few weeks!  Ann and Lisa will teach you all kinds of good things that will keep you from getting stalled out when you make mistakes.  From dropped stitches to unknitting, you'll learn all kinds of good things.

We also have our regularly-scheduled Knitting: Beginning and Beyond and Learn to Knit Workshop.  Even if you know the basics, these classes might still be perfect for you.  The instructors are happy to help you take your skills to the next level.

The chill is in the air, whether you're thinking about classes or socks, we can help.  See you soon!

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