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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Classic Elite Blackthorn

Our Blackthorn trunk show is on the ladies!  We're featuring the designs from the Blackthorn pattern book, #9182 for the next week.  If that chill in the air is getting to you, the soft and chunky Blackthorn might be just the thing for a quick knit to warm you up.  Take a look.
Blackthorn is a chunky wool/alpaca blend in the natural, undyed shades of the Classic Elite Mountain Top collection.  Knitting up at 3 to 3.5 stitches/inch on a US10.5 or 11, this one will make for some quick knits.
Jenni and I agreed that Spyder Lake, a cozy cabled sweater dress, is calling out for some skinny jeans and boots as the weather cools down.  The smallest size requires only seven skeins, so I think this one would knit up pretty quickly.
Birchfield features some really nice finishing, including a double-layered collar and folded under front edges for a clean look.  The thick collar stands up and holds its shape really nicely.  Love the asymmetrical opening and the chance to use some pretty buttons on this one, too.  Again, only seven skeins for the smallest size.
Photo from Classic Elite Yarns site
Widgeon Hill is knit lengthwise with just four skeins.  I thought this was a cowl at first, given the direction of the detailed edge, but I love the scarf length.  You could easily join it in the round for a nice long wrap-around infinity scarf.
Photo from Classic Elite Yarns site
A few of our knitters have already found these easy-peasy chunky mittens.  I know of at least one pair that will soon be off to warm up a loved one in chilly Minnesota.

These samples are here for you!  Don't be shy about stripping the mannequins and trying on the fabulous pieces.  We will have these until the middle of next week, so we'll see you soon.

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