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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fall Arrivals: Aslan Trends, Little Red, and Kauni

New stuff is arriving!  Above is Del Sur, a super-bulky thick and thin yarn from Aslan Trends.  Imagine a big ol' scarf or the pointy elf hat from the cover of More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

You guys loved the Royal Alpaca last fall, and we have a whole lot more in the shop right now.  This is one of the softest and finest alpaca yarns you can buy.  We have a sample of Nancy's lovely Lana Glove in the beautiful mustard yellow.  This yarn would be stunning for cowls, hats, gloves, or the most amazingly soft sweater you've ever worn.

We love Ysolda Teauge, and we have her newest book in stock right now, Little Red in the City.  This book is AMAZING.  There are seven classic sweater patterns, and the sizes range from a 30" to 60" bust.

In addition to the patterns, Ysolda outlines so many valuable techniques.  She really appreciates that simply making a sweater larger doesn't make it work for a curvy figure.  This book is packed with valuable design advice, illustrated in easy to understand hand-drawings and notes.  You could design a sweater from the ground up, or adjust one of her patterns for the perfect fit.  I can't even begin to describe everything in here.  Come by and flip through a copy before they are all gone.

Last but not least, a basket full of Kauni.  This lovely yarn is flying out the door, but we have more on the way.  More on this pretty stuff when we restock.

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