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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kathmandu Cowl

Perhaps mid-August is not the ideal time to be knitting a wool cowl.  What can I say, my love of tweed knows no bounds.
I whipped up a little cowl to show off the pretty colors of the Kathmandu Aran Tweed from Queensland Collection.

So, I love this yarn.  This is one of my desert island yarns*.  Tweedy, crunchy merino wool with just enough cashmere and silk to make it buttery soft, especially after a little soak.  And the colors, oh my.  The flecks in the different colorways really compliment each other, so play around with color combinations.
Sailor Blue (163) and Off White (135)
Petrol (158) and Charcoal (177)
Chocolate (161) and Brown (133)
Mocha (184) and Hunter Green (174)
The knit and purl stripes make this cowl totally reversible and flipable, too, so you can show off whichever color best suits your mood.  It appears that I was pondering red velvet cupcakes when I chose my colors, Vintage Wine (182) and Natural (176).  I just couldn't say no to that deep pink.

Here's the free pattern for you.  Enjoy!
*If you were stranded on a desert island and had to choose one yarn to knit with forever, what would it be?  Perhaps we knitters should discuss polar iceberg yarns instead...

Kathmandu Cowl
by Leah Bandstra

This cowl is reversible and flipable!
I didn’t use every last bit of the yarn, so you should have enough to do a few extra rounds with each color if you’d like.

2 balls (one of each color) Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran (104 yds/50g), #182 and #176
US8 16” circular needles
Stitch marker

Finished size: About 24” around and 10” tall

Gauge: About 4.5 stitches per inch

CO 108 stitches with A.  Join in the round and place marker.
Knit 1 round with A.
Purl 15 rounds with A.  (Piece should measure about 3” from cast on.)
Knit 4 rounds with B.
Purl 8 rounds with A.
Knit 8 rounds with B.
Purl 4 rounds with A.
Knit 15 rounds with B.
Purl 1 round with B.
BO loosely knitwise using B.

Weave in your ends, block, and enjoy!


  1. Do you need two balls total or two of each color?

  2. Skewldad,
    One of each color. I corrected it above.

  3. Can I purchase one and if so, how much?


    Bob B.