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Friday, February 8, 2019

Retrosaria João

The new yarns from Portuguese yarn company Retrosaria are just lovely. The weirdly adorable label on João caught my attention right away. What can we make with this lovely singly ply Merino? Ravelry to the rescue with inspiration!
Pic borrowed from rosapmar's Rav project page.
These baby pants (free pattern) are part of the reason we have this yarn in the first place, so let's start there. I know it's not machine washable, but these are too cute to pass up. Now I need to find a baby who needs pants.
Pic borrowed from Orlane's Rav pattern page.
Several knitters have made the Arnica Baby Cardigan to great success. So many cool color combos!
Pic borrowed from tanaiho's Rav project page.
I love the Fidra hat, and some smart knitter used João doubled to make this bright and cheerful version. (I'm noticing a blue and yellow theme here...)
Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.
Do you have a need for unusual colorwork? These Isabel Mittens look like fun! I love that the tops and bottoms are different colors. Take a peek at all of the sweet color combos (the pink ones in particular).
Pic borrowed from fmf's Rav project page.
This beautiful wrap has been haunting my dreams lately. The knitter gives a basic pattern on her Ravelry project page, and all of that stockinette looks like therapy to my tired brain. Just seven skeins of João and some patience and this could be mine. I would need to choose the right color combination though. Maybe white with the navy blue? Or white with the grass green? Or white with the gold?
We have these fabulous shades in the shop now, and I think there is more on the way. Have you caught the Retrosaria bug yet? I think it's got me.

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