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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Halla Hat

Last week I showed you the gorgeous and unusual Melted Baby Suri from Qing Fibre, but I wan't really sure what to do with it besides oggle it. I did some poking around, and I found a really cool hat pattern that I want to try.
Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.
The Halla hat uses coordinating shades of the Melted Suri and a fingering weight yarn, perhaps the Merino Fingering from Qing Fibre as well? 

Even though the pattern calls for three different fingering weights, my instinct is telling me to split one skein into three balls and keep it a little more subtle. This combo is my mossy.

These situations are not subtle, but they would be so fun!

We also have this gorgeous dove grey in the suri. It didn't have an obvious mate in the Qing Merino Fingering, but I think it would look cool with almost anything. Maybe a dark red or pink? Perhaps a black or navy?
The hat is knit in brioche stitch, which is not always my favorite because I am awful at fixing my mistakes in brioche. But it is also very, very popular right now with the knitwear designers, so perhaps I should give it another shot. Especially since I have basically been looking for a reason to take some of this yarn home with me. I guess it's a sign that I need to get better at brioche!

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