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Friday, April 27, 2018

Perfect Combo

Do you all daydream about knitting? I am certainly guilty of imaginary project planning, and I have been a little fixated on the beautiful Tecumseh by Caitlin Hunter.
Pic borrowed from Rav page.

Shortly after I found this sweater, Scout arrived in the shop at the perfect gauge and some amazing colors. This 100% wool from Kelbourne Woolens is just the perfect thing for Tecumseh. The colors are deep and rich and just the right thing to let the gorgeous designs of the sweater shine through.

If you love Tecumseh, you might also be into Caitlin's other beautiful designs, including the popular Ninilchik Swoncho, Tegna, and the gorgeous Birkin. (All pictures borrowed from their Ravelry pattern pages, just follow the links.)


There are so many more! Take a look at her Ravelry designer page to see for yourself. I think I have a new designer crush!

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