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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hanf Natur Bicolor

I don't really need any of this, but I really want some. This Hanf Natur Bicolor from Zitron is so cool! It's a sport weight wool/hemp blend with some really interesting marled color action happening. 

The hemp will make your finished piece nice and drapey, much like a linen blend. This would be great for scarves and wraps and flowy sweaters. I feel like the hemp would also help reduce any pilling you might want to avoid.
I am really loving these shades. The red has a little purple fleck, and the brown has a bit of grey (I think). The marling is subtle, but it really adds depth to the yarn. 

Each skein is 437 yards, so three or four will make a grown up sized sweater and one should make a healthy-sized shawl. Someone stop me from taking it all home with me!

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