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Friday, April 28, 2017


Three and a half years since we first talked about it on the blog, the Noromania Blanket is still a hot topic at Close Knit. This pattern is so easy and fun to knit. It's all garter stitch, two rows of one color and then two rows of another. It's also very adaptable to your personal taste. Some folks have made theirs with all neutral Kureyon, some use one unifying color and add in splashes of other shades, some use just two colorways throughout, and some crazy people just knit whatever pops out of the knitting basket next!
It seems like we talk with knitters daily who are anxiously awaiting our next shipment of Noro Kureyon. It's your lucky day! Our shelves are full of a lovely range of colors.
Come on in and get it while the selection is good. And if you're working on a blanket, consider adding some photos to the Ravelry pattern page to inspire other knitters!

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