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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Classic Elite Firefly has been a favorite of mine since we first started to carry it years ago. It's such a lovely, rustic linen yarn, and it's really a joy to knit with. Linen can be a little hard on the hands, but Firefly is definitely not. In fact, Emily solved the only unpleasant aspect of this yarn by winding it into these little skeins! The yarn arrives in balls which fall apart and get all tangled. These are so much better!

The subtle sheen of this yarn is really something to behold, and the little bits of coarse linen add character to the finished knitted fabric. I used three balls for my Firefly Bias Scarf years ago, and now we have the beautiful Lampyridae Scarf, a freebie in the shop with the purchase of the yarn.
Here's a little special throwback to two of my favorite Firefly projects: Laura's Axil and Sienna's Smilla's Dress.

Pop in and have a look at our sweet skeins of Firefly. I hope you love this yarn as much as we do!

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