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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pom Poms

I was a little nervous about making these. 
I can't stand an anemic pom pom. They are supposed to add that whimsical pop of fun to the top of your hat, and a limp pom pom is just sad.
I made these guys pretty hefty, and I feel like I could have done even more! I wound the pom pom maker until it seemed to just close, but next time, I will keep going.
I made a multi-green pom for my Shibui Mix No. 24 with a few different shades of green. I used a smaller than-called-for gauge for the bonnet, so it came out a little small. It's destined for the head of a young friend, who I hope will love it. I'm skipping the tassels this time, but they are really cute.
I attached the pom pom with a button through the top of the hat. I remember my grandmother doing this, and it seems smart for washing.
The white angora pom pom graces the top of my Advanced Beanie, knit with Bumblebirch Forage in Dandelion. This one is all mine. The angora pom is developing a nice halo as in relaxes.
These guys turned out pretty well, but I have learned that more is more with pom poms. Just keep winding!

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  1. Check out Mary Jane Mucklestone's multi-colored pompom on one of her designs-- I copied it for a hat for one of my kids. Really fun. :)