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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Manos Marina

Oh my goodness, the new Manos del Uruguay Marina is lovely stuff. This gorgeous lace weight is soft and silky. It's a pure merino superwash yarn, with 874 whopping yards in each skein.
The subtle shades are so calming. Love that pale pink. And the grey. They would really be something worked together, don't you think? Maybe a striped sweater, or held together for a subtle marled effect.

If you like a little more oompf in your lace weight, the more variegated shades might be your thing. These are far from subtle.
Lace weight yarns can be used for shawls and scarves, like the easy peasy Bateaux Mouches wrap. I love a nice laceweight sweater myself. The Featherweight Cardigan would be lovely.

If the fine weight frightens you, these would be nice held together with a thicker yarn to add texture and visual interest. Whatever you choose, I think you all will love this pretty new yarn in the shop!

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