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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Zealana Air

This hat is like a fluffy little cloud made from cashmere and possum.
Which is exactly what it's made from, actually.
We have been loving Heron and Rimu DK from Zealana, the New Zealand company we talked about earlier this fall. Their yarns are hard-wearing while remaining soft and interesting. And the rich, deep colors...I don't know how they do it. The slight halo is so pleasant, too. Just enough to glow but not overwhelm.

And then...Sally fell hard for Zealana Air, a blend of brushtail possum, cashmere, and mulberry silk. They call it their most luxurious yarn, and I believe it. Somehow it is even lighter than pure cashmere, and maybe even softer.
Air would make an ideal gift for the loved ones at the top of your list. A hat, a cowl, a scarf, fingerless gloves...pure luxury all wrapped around one of your favorite people.
We are currently only stocking the natural shade, and it is beautiful. If you all fall in love with this yarn as quickly as we have, maybe we can sneak a few more colors in to the shop. I'm thinking a classic watchcap in classic black with that nice halo. Yes please.

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