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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Road to China Lace and Cumbria

A few lovely yarns from The Fibre Company have arrived: Road to China Lace and Cumbria.
The Fibre Company yarns are always something special. The blends of fibers, the colors, the quality...all really exceptional. We have carried several of their yarns in the past, and these new additions are stunning as well. Road to China Lace is an alpaca/silk/camel/cashmere blend with over 650 yards per skein. 
I love that these folks are providing such wonderful pattern support for their yarns as well. We currently have Stillwell, Summit, and Clearview in the shop. Stillwell is a beautiful lace shawl in two sizes, using either one or two skeins of yarn. Summit is a long ombre scarf using three colors of Lace. Cleaview (my favorite) uses two colors to create an interesting striped cowl, but the pattern only requires half a skein of each color.
I am also excited to see Cumbria in the shop. The colors of this yarn really grabbed me when I walked in, particularly this yellow, which we have adopted as the shop color.
This is a gorgeous wool/mohair blend (only 10% mohair) in a worsted weight. I'm pretty sure I need a new winter cap, and this yarn works up beautifully in cables and textures. A handknit hat in Cumbria would be an amazing treat for yourself or someone special, if you're into that knitting-for-others sort of thing.

If you love Fibre Company yarns, then you already know how good these are going to be. If you don't love them yet, you will!

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