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Thursday, September 3, 2015


With this glorious change in weather, we are seeing more and more big yarn in the shop! This gorgeous organic wool is particularly sheepy.
Naturalia is some seriously chunky yarn, similar in gauge to Cascade Magnum but with a much different texture. It's very loosely spun, but a thin binding thread helps hold it all together. The thread all but disappears into the knitting, but it provides some nice stability and prevents the single ply yarn from pulling apart.
The fabulous Ellison whipped up a really easy and classy cowl using one skein of Naturalia. She has pattern notes on her Ravelry page.
We have several lovely natural shades in the shop right now. I love the fact that this corner smells like sheep thanks to this new arrival.
Several folks on Ravelry used the Naturalia to make garter stitch blankets, ribbed blankets, and oversized scarves. At only $20 for 131 yards of organic bulky yarn, this is a great deal for big statement projects like these. I'm so glad to see this cool weather and these big ol' chunky yarns in the shop. It is time!

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