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Monday, November 25, 2013

Shelves of Rowan, Take One

The shelves are all full with the yarn from Rowan.  With yarn we have loved for so many years.  (Hee hee.)  Seriously, there is a lot of it.  Some new goodies, some old favorites.  Let's take a look.
Let's begin with Lima.  This was one of the first chained yarns to hit the market several years ago, and it is as soft and light as a feather.  
Our most recent shipment includes a bit of the Lima Colour...same great yarn, but with a subtle color shift.  There is a lovely sample sweater from the newest pattern book at the shop right now.
I used less than one ball to make myself a little headband several years ago (Calorimetry from Knitty), and it's a shame that I have not used it for more projects.  Probably because it flew off the shelves so quickly, and there was so little left for me.  If there is someone in your life who thinks handknits are itchy, Lima might just save the day.  The finished knit is silky soft and beautifully textured.
Felted Tweed DK is fully stocked again as well.  This is really an amazing yarn for sweaters.  The yardage is great (191 yards/ball), and it knits up into such a great fabric.  Not too heavy, but nice and warm for the perfect layering pieces.
The tweedy texture is so Rowan, and the colors are deep and rich and satisfying.  We have several colors in stock, but the ones here are some of my favorites.  I have several balls of the orange waiting in my stash for some kind of fabulous colorwork.
And the Tumble.  This is some last-minute-holy-cow-I-forgot-to-knit-Auntie-Soandso-a-gift kind of yarn.  If you had cast on for a hat or a scarf or a cowl when you started reading this post, you'd be almost finished by now.  It's mostly alpaca, with a little cotton, and a cool texture.  It is lofty and light and big.  As you can see, each ball is about as large as a good-sized cheeseburger.
Stay tuned for more updates.  There is just so much yarn.  It's a good problem to have.

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