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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taiyo Sock

Okay, so now for the Noro Taiyo Sock.

The fiber content and structure are very similar to the Taiyo, but this is much much finer, coming in at a light fingering weight.  Although this is called a sock yarn, I would be kind of hesitant to use it for socks due to the single-ply structure of the yarn.  It makes me worry that you would wear holes in it on your first wear.  If you have your heart set on socks, I would strongly recommend using a more traditional sock yarn for heels and toes.  That being said, many people on Ravelry have used this for socks, and the Noro Knitting Magazine has a lovely pair designed with Taiyo Sock.  Maybe it's just me.

So, moving on from socks.  Look at this gorgeous sweater, the Cropped Jacket from the Noro Knitting Magazine.  It was designed with Silk Garden Sock, but I have all the faith in the world that Tayio Sock would work just fine.

Part of it is knit sideways, and the front is shaped with some strategically placed short rows.  Two colorways are worked alternately to create the more bold stripes, and the subtle changes of the Noro are responsible for the cool ombre effect.

This skirt also really plays up the long color changes of the Noro.  I don't know about the stripes on the belly area, but I like the mitered rectangles at the bottom of the skirt.

When Sally told me that she was going to start stocking Taiyo Sock, my heart skipped a little beat, because I was reminded of this beautiful cowl.

Thank you, Streetsandyos, for use of your photo.
The Inspria Cowl is a Ravelry freebie from designer celerystalk, and she provides lots of options and room for modification.  This stunning version above is from Streetsandyos, and she paired the Taiyo Sock with Malabrigo Sock to tame it down a little bit.  I love every little thing about this piece.  In fact, one skein of Tayio Sock color #23A may or may not have already come home with me so that I may blatantly copy her.

I was also excited to see that someone had used it for the September Circle cowl, which I knit in Kauni this spring.  This lovely version is from Raveler oneknitwit, and she used color 28, which I believe we have at the shop, too.

Thank you, Oneknitwit, for use of your photo.
Look how well the color changes fit into the lace and garter sections.  This cowl was really fun to knit, and it would be great for a lace beginner.

If you love the scarf idea but not the lace, please please please try Windward from Heidi Kirrmaier (aka Pipibird).  I have seen a few solid versions of this scarf in person, and a few Noro versions online.  Let me tell you, this is a weird and very cool scarf.

Thank you, Knittyblue, for use of your photo.
To create her version, Knittyblue used Noro Sekku, a discontinued Noro yarn with the exact same fiber blend as Taiyo Sock.  The Noro shows off the interesting construction of this scarf and adds even more visual interest to an already interesting design.

As promised, lots of ideas for Taiyo Sock, and only one sock design in the bunch.  What are you going to make with Taiyo?


  1. I liked the September Circle in Kauni, but I LOVE it in the Taiyo. And here I thought I just wasn't a big fan of Noro...

  2. I am not a Noro fanatic either, but I am being swayed by this stuff.