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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Noro Taiyo

We are carrying Noro Yarns again.  We took a little break, but Sally has decided to jump back on the bandwagon and stock some of our favorites.  Right now we have lots of Taiyo and Taiyo Sock, but there is more coming for fall.  Let me tell you about the Aran to chunky Taiyo first.

Taiyo is a really pretty cotton, silk, and wool blend (40%/30%/15%) with a little nylon added to strengthen the singly ply.  The colorways that Sally chose are beautiful, of course.

Want some project ideas?  I knew you would.  There are a few blankets that I have been ogling that just beg for Noro.  

The Mitered Crosses Blanket (above) and the Pop Blanket (below) work for me, because the solid background really highlights the Noro without letting it go too crazy.  You could use Cascade Eco Wool or Eco +, Cascade 220, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, or even Berroco Vintage for the background with much success.  (I have it on good authority that the natural Noro colorway seen above will be back on the shelves this fall.  I know several of you were pining away for it...I promise to keep you posted.)

If you'd like to embrace the full Noro color riot, Lizard Ridge from Knitty 2006 is a great design, too.  Each square is knit from opposite sides of the ball to create the more distinct stripes, and fun little short row sections create the bubbles.

Photo from Knitty, Fall 2006.

I made Rubble for my older daughter in the winter, and I am thinking the littlest daughter needs one in some crazy colors to match her personality.  The unusual construction of the sweater would really play up the striping since the whole thing is knit is one piece from the front hem to the back hem, with stitches cast on for the sleeves as you knit.  The horizontal stripes would continue uninterrupted from the front to the back.

Since Taiyo, Silk Garden, and Kureyon are all of similar gauge, you can interchange them in a lot of patterns without much trouble.  Taiyo would be great for something like the Striped Noro Scarf or the Turn a Square Hat.

Noro is also a natural choice for entrelac, since the color changes highlight the little squares so nicely.  Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style was an extremely popular design several years ago, and I can see this being just stunning in Taiyo.

The new Noro Knitting Magazine has a few great entrelac designs, as well, including these fun little pillows.  These would be a nice introduction to the technique if you are interested.

Okay, next time we'll talk about the Taiyo Sock.  I have lots of ideas for you, and very few of them are socks.