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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Sales: Alpaca Time!

This week are offering 15% off all alpaca and alpaca blend yarns.  We have more lovely choices that I can begin to list, so come on in and find your favorites.  See you soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Forgot About the Weekly Summertime Sale!

So sorry about that!  I got so excited about Debbie Bliss event, that I completely forgot that all Classic Elite Yarns are 15% off through Sunday, July 20.  We have so many winners from this great company. Firefly, Canyon, Sprout, and Seedling (pictured below) are all fabulous summery yarns.  
Chalet (above) and Chateau, Wynter and Blackthorn, Vail, Crestone, and Vista are woolier options, many from Classic Elite's undyed, natural fiber MountainTop Collection.
And don't forget about the Liberty Wool and Liberty Wool Light.  We have a vast selection of Liberty Wool right many colors to choose from.

Next week (7/21-7/27) we will offer 15% all alpaca and alpaca blend yarns.  Don't forget that you will get a discount on all Debbie Bliss products with your receipt from the Monday night event as well, but no doubling up please.  See you soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Basic Scarf and Unicorn Tails

Sorry to be away so long.  I have been doing my civic duty at the courthouse, sitting on a jury this week.  The case has been interesting, but there is a lot of sitting and waiting.  And, in true Portland style, my jury summons specifically informed me that I can bring fixed circular knitting needles.  I am cranking away on a nice basic scarf using the Churchmouse Pressed Rib Scarf pattern.  I am using about 600 yards of some llama/silk stuff that we carried years ago.
This pattern is such a great basic in any yarn.  Remember Sally's yellow and marled one in Cascade 220?  Love it.  This yarn and pattern are playing so nicely together, and the knit ribbed fabric is squishy and soft and awesome.  I cannot tell you the last time I knit a scarf for myself...the basics are often the best, aren't they?
On a completely separate note, we have TOSH.  Not a ton, but enough to get everyone riled up.  I can't promise that all of this Tosh Merino Light is still at the shop this week (jury duty), but I'm sure there is still plenty.  In addition to this stunning yarn, we have Unicorn Tails.  Yup.  Unicorn Tails.
Unicorn Tails are 52 yards of Tosh Merino Light skeined up for your colorworking pleasure.  We have a huge range of colors in these mini-skeins.
I can imagine these being the perfect thing for a shawl edging or some fancy mittens or an accent color on a cap. Or just collecting and displaying as art.  That's normal, right? 
Those neons up there are calling my name.  And the earth tones, and the warm pinks.  If this trial goes on too long, I'll be treating myself to some Tosh to keep me going.

Don't forget!  Debbie Bliss is coming to our little shop on Monday!  If you want to meet her and hang out and get inspired and see her new stuff, call us at the shop or stop by to pay your $5 and sign up!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to Close Knit

So, Debbie Bliss is coming.  To our shop.  To chat with you about her fall pattern books, new yarn, and her design process.
Debbie is throwing out the opening pitch at the Stitch n' Pitch in Seattle on July 24, and she is making the rounds of the Pacific Northwest while she is in the neighborhood.  She has not been to the area in four years, and we are the only Portland shop that will be hosting a night with this iconic knitwear guru.
On July 21 from 6-8, we will have a chance to see her newest (not yet published) designs and try on samples from the fall books. There will be a book signing and a chance to pre-order all kinds of good stuff from her line.  Since we have such a cozy shop, the seating is limited.  We are asking that you pay a $5 class fee and sign up ahead of time by calling the shop or stopping by.
Sally is offering a 15% discount on all Debbie Bliss yarns and pattern books to all who attend the class.  Just keep your receipt from the class fee, and you can use that discount until August 21 on all Debbie Bliss goodies.  We will have a nice plump stock of our DB favorites like Baby Cashmerino, Paloma, and Cashmerino Aran.  Debbie will be bringing some of the new fall yarns with her, too.  We won't be seeing these in the shop until September or so, but we are really looking forward to checking them out in person.  Sally is particularly excited about the Fine Donegal, a tweedy sport weight with a touch of cashmere.
Debbie Bliss was instrumental in bringing knitting back, and her books, magazines, and yarns have impacted the wide world of fiber arts in countless ways.  Don't miss your chance to meet her!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summertime Sale: Berroco

Hey friends!  How is your summer knitting coming along?  I hope you found some great stuff at our sales.  Are you ready for the next one?  Me, too.

We will have all Berroco yarns at 15% off for the next week, July 7-13.  We have a really nice selection of stuff from Berroco, and I continue to be impressed by their yarns.  I recently rediscovered how much I love the good ol' Ultra Alpaca when I made the Little Girl's Shrug from Knitting Pure and Simple.
Just a skein and half for this little thing...I think I made the 10 year old size, and it's plenty big for my willnotstopgrowing 7 year old.  The color is rich and saturated, and I love the way the fabric knits up on a US7.  The 50% wool/alpaca blend holds its shape so nicely, but with the softness and drape that you'd expect from alpaca.  I need to make a sweater for myself using Ultra Alpaca.  Why have I not done this?
The beautiful and popular Folio (above) will be on sale, as will the well-loved Flicker
We have all been loving Weekend DK, too, and our color selection has improved since I snapped the photo above.  From crocheted pillows and doilies to amazing colorblocked sweaters, this yarn is versatile.  And a great value, too.  I have 6 skeins squirreled away to make another sweater for my girl.  The other cotton blends from Berroco, including Maya, Fuji, and Karma, will be on sale.  If you missed out on any of these during our cotton blend week, now is your time to get them on sale again.

Stay cool and keep knitting!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summertime Sale: Rowan

Not many shops have the selection of Rowan that we have at Close Knit.  (Sally knows what she's doing.)  If you knit with Rowan, there's a good chance you love it.  Modern colors, high quality, interesting fiber blends...what's not to love?  We want to share the love with you, so our next Summertime Sale is all Rowan.
Starting June 30, all Rowan yarns are 15% off, through Sunday, July 6.
How about a few more beauty shots to get you inspired?
Stop by and find a new favorite yarn!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Firefly Family

How beautiful is this?
My friend Laura created her version of Norah Gaughan's Axil using four balls of Classic Elite Firefly, one of our favorite linen blends.  In true Norah style, the construction is sort of unusual.  The front and back are identical.  They are seamed together at the sides, and then stitches are picked up and worked to join the neckline.
Laura noticed that the model in the photo had some serious gaping going on under the arms, and Laura's tank had the same issue.  She debated knitting a gusset to pull it all together, but in the end Laura fixed it by simply seaming up the sides a few more inches.  I think she looks marvelous!
I know summer does not always feel like the time for a hand-knit garment, but this combination of interesting pattern and ideal summer yarn make for just the right thing.
The little missy in the photo is wearing her Smilla's dress turned Smilla's tunic.  Laura made this for her daughter last spring from the ever popular All You Knit is Love, and it is still adorable.  
Hard to photograph on a squirmy kiddo, though.  I hope these pretty ladies have inspired you to get knitting for summer!