close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


So, it looks like the first Local Yarn Store Day is this Saturday, April 21. We are a local yarn store, and we are excited to participate! Of course, it goes without saying that we are thrilled to see you any day of the year, and we always appreciate your business and community. Since Saturday is a special day of LYS appreciation, let's do a little thing, shall we?
Everyone who makes a purchase on Saturday will receive a code to download the Waterways: 2018 Rose City Yarn Crawl Pattern Collection ebook, which includes so many lovely things. All of the shops contributed some fun and beautiful designs, so it's a great way for all of us to say thank you to all of you as well.
The ebook contains Sally's beloved Zigzag Gansey, which you can see on several of our Close Knit gals above. It's a great cowl! All of you who make a purchase on Saturday will also be eligible for our yarn shop raffles and a gift certificate prize. So much good stuff!

As an added bonus, it looks like Saturday might be a beautiful day. We can't wait to see you all to celebrate our local shop. Thank you!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Eye Candy

Check out the cute summer tops in the newest Knitscene! Maybe, if we all knit summer garments, it will start to get warm. Let's try.



Friday, April 13, 2018

Bigger Bare Naked

Back in February, I showed you the sweet little skeins of Bare Naked Wools Stone Soup Fingering that we started carrying. We all loved it so much, that we decided to bring in the the larger skeins for you. These beautiful skeins are 450 yards of all kinds of gorgeous fibers blended together to create a stunning yarn.

The knitted fabric is something I really love...lovely stitch definition and such a nice hand. It's almost flannely, if that makes any sense. We have a sample of Trevi knitted up in the Stone Soup Fingering, and it has such nice drape and weight without being too much.
You'll just have to stop in to see for yourself. This is a great yarn, and we are so happy to be able to offer it up in these big beautiful skeins!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hanf Natur Bicolor

I don't really need any of this, but I really want some. This Hanf Natur Bicolor from Zitron is so cool! It's a sport weight wool/hemp blend with some really interesting marled color action happening. 

The hemp will make your finished piece nice and drapey, much like a linen blend. This would be great for scarves and wraps and flowy sweaters. I feel like the hemp would also help reduce any pilling you might want to avoid.
I am really loving these shades. The red has a little purple fleck, and the brown has a bit of grey (I think). The marling is subtle, but it really adds depth to the yarn. 

Each skein is 437 yards, so three or four will make a grown up sized sweater and one should make a healthy-sized shawl. Someone stop me from taking it all home with me!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Eye Candy

Love the Quill DK from Bumblebirch. Look at all those beautiful Portland-dyed shades!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Eggs

The Zauberball Cotton looks like a basket of Easter eggs, just in time for spring! This 100% cotton yarn does the same cool gradual fade that the wool Zauberballs do, and there is a ton of yardage in these little balls. 
One is plenty for a colorful and generous shawl or scarf, with no changing skeins or worrying about coordinating shades. This would be a great choice for a baby a sweater, too. Maybe a Baby Surprise Jacket or the Gry's Jacket, both personal favorites of mine.
We also have the Wunderklecks from Schoppel, a really unusual yarn with long stretches of color giving it a hand-painted look. The ones with the white background are really striking. Take a peek at some of the projects on Ravelry using this yarn for some ideas.
I am totally inspired by some of the wacky socks, scarves, and wraps that people have made with this yarn. It knits up with a tie-dye look to it, and I think it's really cool. Some folks combined it with a solid color, and the effect is really interesting.

Pop in the shop to see these new-to-us yarns for yourself. They are worth the trip!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Eye Candy

Hey it's a blanket! This gorgeous cozy afghan was knit in Adrienne's Blanket Class last year. We are cranking away on the 2018 blanket, and I am sure we will give this class another go in 2019, because everyone loves it!
Adrienne is an amazing teacher with lots of great classes to offer. Beginning and Beyond will get you started or help you expand your skills. New classes begin this week on Thursday, April 5. Pick Your Project is all about you and whatever you want to knit, with a new class beginning tomorrow, April 3. 

If you're into crochet classes, we have the fabulous Melissa offering a beginning Crochet Workshop starting on Sunday, April 8. 

Spring is the time to learn new things! Hone those skills and be all ready with cozy knit and crochet goodies when fall returns. Stop in the shop or give us a call to sign up or ask questions.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Jawoll Color

This Jawoll Color sock yarn is so pretty! And each ball comes with a spool of nylon reinforcing thread for those heels and toes. 
You can see a little picture on the label that gives you an idea of how it will knit up. I love the subtle color changes and the pretty earthy tones that we have in the shop. These colors are sure to please anyone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Let's all dream of a Cancun vacation, shall we? We will certainly need this cute Cancun Boxy Lace Top worked up in Cascade Hampton, a lovely pima cotton/linen blend.
Free pattern and just two skeins for the top. Now let's book that trip.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Eye Candy

Regia Arne and Carlos 6 ply is in the shop. I've used the fingering weight version of this yarn, and I love the colors and the durability. The 6 ply is a sport weight with so many possibilities, from socks to blankets to sweaters to hats to sweet baby sleep sacks.
Look at that big ol' beautiful skein. Just one of these will make a pair of grown up socks. Enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2018


This basket full of Knitcol is so happy and cheerful! This yarn is really fun to knit, too. The self-patterning yarn changes as you knit, so there's not much to think about. I love this little hat we have in the shop.
I designed this easy peasy cowl a few years back using three different shades of Knitcol. It's just knit in the round with a wee garter stitch border to stop it from rolling up.
You could easily do this with all one colorway or with just two balls for a smaller cowl. It's all up to you! This yarn is machine-washable, so it's ideal for kid sweaters and blankets, too. Pop in to see the cheerful colors in person!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Berroco Remix Light

Hello, Berroco Remix Light, a combination of cotton, linen, silk, and acrylic, all recycled fibers! This lovely DK yarn is just the thing for summer tanks and tops.
I'm loving this Lake Arrowhead Tee (above) and Derecho (below). We are always looking for good summer knits, and these two in Remix Light look just right.

Pop in to check out all of the lovely shades we have in stock!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Eye Candy

Loving these "pearfect" stitch markers from Bryson. These locking stitch markers are great for knitting and crocheting. They are also really cute.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring 2018 Interweave Knits

The Spring issue of IK has some lovely sweaters! That pretty cabled number on the cover is the Clear Creek Cardigan, knit up in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It's extra long! As you can see below.
I also love this colorwork stunner, The Compass Rose Pullover. It's worked up in a sport weight, so I'd go with Cascade 220 Sport or Harrisville Flywheel.
The Elk Meadow Pullover has a real 80s vibe, doesn't it? If that's not your jam, you could use some less pastel shades to change up the look.

I love the subtle cables on the Evergreen Mountain Pullover, worked up in Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok. There are many other great pieces in this issue, including several men's sweaters. Take a look and get inspired!

If you see something that looks fun but are feeling nervous about taking the plunge, consider Adrienne's Pick Your Project class. The next round begins April 3, and she will help you with any project you'd like to try!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Eye Candy

Check out these adorable blankets worked up in Knitted Wit, the Bounce Blanket above and Lil' Austin's Blanket below. Both are squishy and cozy and fun to knit, especially in these gorgeous colors!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pantry Products

I'm loving these fabulous slaves and balms from Pantry Products. Muscle Salves, Boo Boo Balms, and Body Butters...yes, please.
I don't know about you, but my skin is crazy dry from all the heated air in my house and the constant hand washing this germ season. They hurt! Plus, when I sit down to knit, I always find myself with little snags and rough spots that take away from the pleasure of my needles and yarn. Body Butters to the rescue! (I am also excited to try the Muscle Salve, because I am just generally sore the closer I get to forty.) Let us know what you think about these lovely Pantry Products!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Eye Candy

We hope you all enjoyed the 2018 Rose City Yarn Crawl! Thank you so much for joining us and making it a success. Now here is some nice calm Joseph Galler Peruvian Tweed to enjoy as you recover from the crazy weekend.
This is some lovely worsted weight alpaca tweed, with 600 yards per skein. A few of us around the shop lobbied for its return. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

RCYC: Yarn is So Pretty

Take a peek at the beautiful offerings from The Farmer's Daughter Fibers from yesterday. I hope you had a chance to stop in and oggle these yarns!

Today we have Knitted Wit in the shop. Can't wait to see all of that color!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

RCYC: Happy Close Knitters!

Gorgeous cabled sweater and Sally's Zigzag's not an official shop uniform, but it might as well be. Stop in to see the shining happy faces of the Close Knit gals today and check out all of the lovely yarns and patterns. 

We have the gorgeous yarns from Farmer's Daughter Fibers today, and Lisa Carney-Felton will be with us again as well. Have fun crawling today!

Friday, March 2, 2018

RCYC: Pics from the Shop

Our little corner shop is full of yarn and fiber lovers! Have a great time crawling today.

Rose City Yarn Crawl: Bumblebirch and Zigzag Ladies

The Bumblebirch is so lovely on the shelves. It will be even more lovely worked up into something you love!
Speaking of things we love, check out these gorgeous Close Knit gals in their Zigzag Gansey Cowls! Remember, this is a free pattern with the purchase of the Imperial Yarns Columbia, a gorgeous Oregon-grown yarn. Pop over to the Ravelry page to read a lovely bit about the inspiration for this cowl. The yarn is 10% off during the crawl, too, so you really have no reason to resist this beautiful piece.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rose City Yarn Crawl: Passports and Prizes (and Snacks)

You all know about the prize baskets, right?  There is so much good stuff to win!
Just a sample of previous prize baskets, each basket is unique!

First, if you plan on making it to all of the shops on the crawl, you'll likely need a map and you'll definitely want a passport. As you plan your day, be sure to take a look at snack/meal/coffee/chill out opportunities in each neighborhood. The shops have all complied nice lists of our favorite places, and we love to support the other businesses in our communities.

As you make your way around Portland, be sure to get a stamp at each shop you visit. If you are able to fill the whole passport over the course of the weekend, you can turn it in at any shop to be eligible for the Grand Prize Basket!

Even if you don't make it to all of the shops, you are still eligible for the six prizes that each shop will be giving away. Just be sure to sign up at every shop to get your name in. There are more prize baskets, awesome kits, and gift certificates up for grabs!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting this fun event. Have a great time crawling, and we can't wait to see you this weekend!